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Wishlist for Trades or WTB

Here is everything on my wishlist.  Let me know if you're looking to sell or trade these items!

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Big Sales Post

This will be a comprehensive post of everything I have for sale from my own wardrobe.  I will be adding more to it later.

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Moving to Tumblr and Blogger

I don't post much on Livejournal because the EGL/J-fashion communities seem to be moving away from this site.  I am, however, active on Tumblr and my new otome-centric blog "No Petticoat Needed". 
Here are the links:
I won't be making any new journal entries on here (and I'm thinking about deleting my old ones too), but I will be using this account to keep up with the communities I already follow on here, and occasionally posting on egl_comm_sales.
I do hope you'll follow my tumblr and blog though :)